Photoshop is an amazing image editing application which can be used for creating some breathtaking images. Filters are used for changing the appearance of an image and in this tutorial you will earn about some common filters being used in Adobe Photoshop. Filters can be applied from a Filter Gallery. Filter Gallery is a place where you can work with the filters in your documents. You can also learn about Using Find and Replace Feature in MS Word.

Using Filters form Filter Gallery:

In the Filter Gallery you can easily browse through many different types of filters and then you can apply them individually to your image. Filter Gallery can be accessed through Filter>Filter Gallery. Filter Gallery has got a simple and intuitive interface. The interface consists of Filter Preview, Filter List, Currently Selected Filter, Filter Options, Effects Layers and New/ Delete Effect Layer.

Applying Filters from Gallery:

Applying filters from a Gallery is a very easy and simple task. In order to apply filters you need to follow these simple steps.

  • 1st of all you need to click on a filter and then adjust the options according to your liking.
  • Now click on OK to apply.
  • In order to add multiple filters all you have to do is to hit New Effect Layer.
  • Once you have selected the new effect layer just select another filter.

Now here one thing you be noted that not all the filters are available in Filter Gallery and for accessing the other filters you need to go to Filter Menu. Now lets learn about some common filters used in Adobe Photoshop.

Blur Filters:

The Blur Filters can be used in many different situations and they can be used for blurring the whole image or a portion of it. You can access the blur filters by going through Filter>Blur.

Noise Filters:

Noise filters can be used for adding as well as reducing noise and grain in photographs. You can adjust the values noise in a photograph by selecting Reduce Noise Filter or Add Noise Filter.

Sharpen Filters:

Sharpen Filters are awesome filters which can be used for correcting different imperfections in photographs.